Waiting For Perfect

Seth Godin quote

I found this quote earlier by the ever inspiring Seth Godin – it really rang true for me this particular morning, as I struggled to get my daughter out of the door for nursery, get my stuff together to grab a quick run and mentally sort through everything I wanted to achieve for the day. I for one am CONSTANTLY striving for Perfect in pretty much every aspect of my life, but often in the drive for Perfection (does this even exist?….) I forget how far I’ve come.

Thinking back to three years ago, working the 9-5 while planning, dreaming of a different way of working, I forget to remind myself of the progress I’ve made. I am a prolific list maker, however once tasks are completed and tick boxes ticked, I tend to delete the lists entirely and move on rather than filing them away to look back on. I’ve achieved so much to be proud of, from raising my daughter to become the beautiful, independent little human she is today, buying our home, setting up my business and all the side projects that have intertwined with my life since I took The Plunge.

So this weeks resolution is to keep striving for Perfect (not gonna break the habit of a lifetime!) but also be proud of the progress I’ve made. And start keeping those lists.

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