Views From Planes

IMG_3765I’ve always LOVED travel. Probably just as well considering I used to work as a flight attendant! There’s just something about that excitement of new places, new food, sights and smells…. and usually for me the promise of sunshine!

I also love the actual process of travelling. While for some, the plane/boat/train journey is just the tedious beginning to reaching their destination, I still get that thrill when I get to the airport. Sometimes, I even do a little internal squeal 😉 Booking a window seat is an essential to me – wherever I’m going, I HAVE to be able to see out of the window. Why? Well, it’s my thinking place. Looking down at the world from 35,000 ft, it gives you not only a physical perspective of the world we live in but it’s very levelling seeing how small everything is from so high up.IMG_4006

Problems that on terra firma seem insurmountable suddenly gain a clarity that was previously hard to grasp. Views From Planes is my happy place – I slip on headphones and simply stare out of the window, sometimes for hours on end (admittedly, I’m probably not the most social of travellers!). I’ve been lucky to travel the world to some stunning places and looking down on the prairies of Canada, the ranches of Texas, the lush green fields of France, the bleak wilderness of the Alps and seeing a blue whale swimming with her calf just off Greenland are memories that will stay with me for life.

Do you love the plane journey as much as me?

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