My thoughts on The Baseball Game Sorority Selfie Sisters

So, you may well have seen the recent footage that went viral of the members of Arizona State University’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority, who were caught on camera snapping selfie after selfie of themselves at a Arizona Diamondbacks game. On-air announcers Bob Brenly and Steve Berthiaume clocked the group apparently not paying much attention to the game and made the decision to lambast them, publicly, in real time. Oh, aren’t they blonde and vacuous? Why go to a game not to even watch it? Clearly sorority airheads with nothing much to focus on except finding the perfect Instagram filter – was the general impression the commentators were implying.

Well, I think The Baseball Game Sorority Selfie Sisters will end up having the last laugh, and here’s why (in no particular order).

  1. Get With The Times. Goodness me, a camera phone? How controversial. Yes, naturally I appreciate the point the announcers were trying to make was that the women were apparently more interested in taking pictures of themselves than watching the game, but hey – they paid for their tickets and they are entitled to enjoy the experience however they choose. Smartphone use in the USA is a way of life and with 90% of Americans aged 18-29 using social media and over 80m Instagram users in the US alone (Sept 2015) as members of a popular sorority they are clearly used to documenting and hashtagging their experiences online. They are not unusual – they are the NORM.
  2. They Are Supporting The Team. They are wearing team shirts, hats, team merchandise. By doing so they are also supporting their college. A college that U.S. News & World Report ranked #1 on its “Most Innovative Schools” list, putting them in the company of such elite schools as Stanford and MIT. Arizona State University is ranked in the top 50 universities in the USA – these are not dumb, uneducated women, however they have since been portrayed by the media.
  3. Highlighted By – the way the girls owned the media situation that followed. According to Good magazine, their sorority was reportedly offered a cache of tickets for the Diamondback’s next game but rather than accept the offer for themselves, the sisters instead asked the team to give the tickets to families being helped by A New Leaf, an Arizona-based advocacy group that works with, among others, victims of domestic violence. They’ve also since appeared on the Ellen Show to promote their cause and charity work is clearly a strong part of their sorority.
  4. The tone and approach of Brenly and Berthiaume bordered on bullying. Why single these women out from the crowd? How is mocking a group of young girls half your age right? Focus on the game, idiots, that’s what you’re paid to do. Or could it be the obvious physical attractiveness of the women that had drawn their attention in the first place? Would they have felt so confident in publicly lambasting them if this was not the case? And I think here we slide slightly nearer to the truth.

After all, the sisters motto is apparently Real. Strong. Women.

The way they’ve handled this situation proves it. Nice one, Alpha Chi Omega.


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