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New up on the blog this week is the start of a series of interviews that I’m going to call (really inventively), CG Interviews. Essentially, I’m going to pick out successful people that inspire me then stalk/hassle them until they agree to let me plague them with questions about what they do, why they do it and how they define success.

My first victim interviewee is Hannah Murphy. Hannah is a multi award-winning health and wellness entrepreneur and the founder of the Globe Fit brand – she’s a one woman whirlwind of business as well as being a personal friend.


Hi Hannah, how are you? What have you been up to lately?

Hi Clare, I’m really well thanks. I’ve been very busy lately establishing the Globe Fit brand nationally as well as teaching my own local classes and juggling the normal mummy duties!

One of the reasons I thought you would be the perfect person for the start of this interview series is the way you appear to seemlessly manage both motherhood (Hannah is a mother of two with another on the way!) and your business. How do you make the combination of mother/businesswoman work for you?

Ahh thanks for thinking of me. I am not sure I ‘seamlessly’ manage it, you should see me in the mornings trying to get everyone out of the door on time, I’m like a woman possessed! I guess I have to be quite strict with myself to make sure I get the balance correct between being a mum, which has to and always will take priority and running my business. I’m not going to lie it is a constant juggle and it’s flipping hard work but I wouldn’t change a thing now, I love being my own boss. The secret is ‘organisation’, I have to be organised all the time and know exactly what takes priority. Lists are great and I don’t know where I would be without my lists! What I have also learned is that you must make time for yourself. Sunday’s are my rest day, I switch off as much as possible and just concentrate on being me and spending time with my family doing something we all like such as going for lunch, a walk to the beach or going swimming!

What tips would you give to another mum looking to start her own business?

Well, firstly I would say if you have a business idea and it is constantly niggling away at you then you really should go for it, don’t think about the worst that could happen, think about the best that could happen. Accept offers of support and help with things such as childcare from those around you. Try and surround yourself with people who will build you up and fuel your fire to succeed, not those who cast doubt on your ideas and plans and make you feel like you are not capable.

I couldn’t agree more! Are there any forums or sources of advice you have found useful?

To be honest I have also found it difficult to find any really good advice about starting a business from scratch. Everything I have learned has been through trial and error really and I have very much had to ‘learn as I go’. I have met some fantastic people along the way though who have been full of useful advice, mainly people who have started just as I have and have gone through the whole process of starting a business and making a success of it. I feel very strongly that there needs to be a source of advice where people can go to find out all they need to know in one place. For example things such as trademarking, registering as a limited company and corporation tax can be extremely confusing for someone just starting out.

How do you deal with setbacks/rejection? Do you have any regrets or is there anything you wished you had done differently?

I think rejection and setbacks are a vital part of the learning process when setting up a business. It can be hard to handle rejection at times but you do learn to toughen up quite quickly and you really need to be thick skinned when it comes to business. I have learned the hard way that not many people want to be your friend, most have an ulterior motive which is a real shame especially among women as I feel we should build one another up rather than compete. There certainly are things I look back on and think I should have handled differently but I have no regrets, everything happens in order to teach us valuable lessons and I think this applies both in business and life in general.

What active marketing have you done? And how has using social media helped you grow the business?

Oh my gosh well I don’t know where I would be without social media. It literally has provided me with the best platform for marketing my business. Facebook is brilliant because advertising is mostly free, I do use the facebook paid advertising sometimes, especially if I am running a course and want to target a certain demographic in a certain area. I find Twitter very effective for networking with other businesses and Instagram and Pinterest are great for targeting the public and getting your brand ‘out there’. I have recently discovered periscope  which I am still getting my head around but am quite enjoying playing around with! I am constantly promoting my brand via social media, I am sure people get fed up of seeing ‘Hannah Murphy’ and ‘Globe Fit’ on their news feeds but I think if you want to build a brand that will be noticed then it is necessary to ‘big yourself and your brand up’! (Follow Hannah on Twitter HERE)

I should probably do more networking than I do! Although I am starting to dip my toe in the networking waters more thanks to events Like She Who Dares Wins. Do you attend networking events? Have they been useful to you?

I am a keen networker and believe it can be a great thing, I attend various seminars both locally and nationally either to exhibit my brand or simply to network and get my brand out there. I have attended various networking groups in my local area, some have been well worth attending and I have made some great connections through them. With my son not yet at school childcare can be a huge issue to me though and I have realised that there are not enough ‘child friendly’ networking groups for mums with children. I am actually in the process of setting up a group for mums with their own businesses in which they can bring their children along, not have to worry about childcare and can chat with other mums and seek business advice.

Do you think it’s harder for women to get ahead in business, or is it possible to have the best of both worlds? That’s the million dollar question, I know!

I think it used to be extremely hard, but I think these days there is a lot of encouragement for women to start a business and thanks to the growth of opportunities especially with MLM (multi level marketing) companies women are able to become more independent. I think it is still much harder for women than it is for men though, especially if they have a young family to take care of as things such as childcare can be extremely hard to juggle. I don’t think there is a perfect balance but I do feel like I get the best of both worlds. I am there almost every day for my children and I don’t feel like I miss out on my family time at all. I love having my business as a focus, as well as my family and as I love what I do then it doesn’t feel like work. I think that is the key to being happy really, you need to love what you do.

We’re both mums – would you encourage your children to be entrepreneurs? I know I would definitely encourage my daughter – she’s already trying to flog me play dough cakes so I think she’s on the right path!

Oh most definitely! I come from a family of entrepreneurs, my parents both run their own businesses and so did my grandparents and great grandparents. I suppose it is in my blood. I have been lucky in that I have had a very privileged upbringing but I was always taught to know the value of money and have worked from the age of 14. I want to encourage my children to be the same and realise that if they really want something then they will need to work hard for it. Obviously I will support whatever career path they choose in the future but if they choose to have their own businesses then I most certainly will encourage and support them.

Finally – what is your definition of success?

I actually wrote a blog on this not long ago and this is what I said on the topic of success: 

For me success is feeling content with what I have, not wishing for somebody else’s life and feeling like I have given back to the world somehow. I have my up’s and down’s and sometimes financial pressure can be such a huge burden. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish for more money but if money is all that drives you then you will not be successful! This week I received the most wonderful call from a child-minder who found out about the Globe Tots pre school programme and wanted to tell me what a wonderful concept it was and how she really believed in what I was trying to achieve with it – teaching children about the world and therefore enhancing cultural awareness! I, of course believe in the idea more than anything but it was an honour to be told by a stranger that it was a fantastic idea. I also received a message from a parent whose child attends one of my Hoola classes, the little boy finds it difficult to join in with certain activities and requires extra care, I think the mum was worried he wouldn’t enjoy it but the little boy loved every minute of the session and the mum sent me a message to thank me saying it was a really big thing for him to enjoy an activity like this! So for me these things are what I would define as my success, I can say that I feel proud of myself and feel like I am giving back to the world. I believe money and material things do not define success contrary to what many people may believe.

Thanks Hannah!

You can visit Hannah’s personal website HERE and find out more about the GLOBE FIT brand HERE.

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