Things That Annoy A Social Media Manager

Now, I understand that not everyone is always going to fully ‘get’ what I do. And that’s ok. (For those that are interested, I wrote a blog post for South Coast Social a while ago about a day in the life of a social media manager – you can read it HERE). However, I’m sure pretty much everyone who works in social media has heard at least one of these on a weekly basis, so seeing as I love a list, here’s my top 10 things that annoy a social media manager. Or well, just me.

  1. “You’re ALWAYS on Facebook!” Hey, I agree! Yes, I’m pretty much always on Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. And quite often LinkedIn too. And Pinterest. You see, maintaining a constant social media presence is fairly essential, especially when, well, clients are paying you to maintain a constant social media presence. And while naturally I cast my eye over a few witty status updates and have a snigger at the odd Viral Thread post, for the most part I’m analysing, planning, reporting, scheduling and monitoring. Ta da!
  2. What exactly do you DO all day? Well. Let me send you this link. Plus I’m also a mum to a two year old. Which naturally, I’ve totally got covered. Walk in the park.
  3. “You’re always on your phone!” Well, that’s not strictly true. As when I’m not glued to my phone, my iMac isn’t far away. And there’s always the iPad. Get the gist? You wouldn’t say to someone who works in retail “you’re always behind the till’. Or a chef “you’re always in that bloody kitchen”? However, the beauty of being able to work from my phone means I’m out having coffee with you or walking on the beach, or travelling somewhere cool. But yes. I am pretty much always on my phone.
  4. “You’re always on your phone – why don’t you text me back!” I probably just don’t want to talk to you. *jokes* 😉
  5. “I don’t see how ‘social media’ is a job”. Yes, I’ve heard this. More than once. Firstly, that’s not all I do. Secondly. Did you know that more than 90% of firms use social media to promote their business while almost three quarters claim to have generated new leads from Facebook alone? Yes, that’s a full time job to generate that kind of traction. And it’s hard work! But super rewarding and getting that campaign to go viral or a top influencer to retweet the brand I’m representing still gives me the shivers. Sad, but true.Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 18.28.59
  6. People who don’t change their ‘Egg Head’ Twitter profile. I can’t fully clarify why it annoys me so much. It just does.
  7. #People#Who#Hashtag#Every#Single#Thing. That’s.Not.How.They.Work!!!!! *breathe*
  8. Trying to explain that social media does not always equal sales – at least not immediately. If this is a subject that interests you, read Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. He speaks the truth.
  9. People who still call it ‘The Facebook’. Same as No.6 really. Shouldn’t bother me. But it’s JUST. FACEBOOK.
  10. Finally, “So, you just get paid to Tweet stuff?” Sure, I roll like…

In all seriousness, I do love my job, even if most people don’t generally understand what the hell I do. Do you work in social media? Have I missed anything off the list? Let me know!



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