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I’m back into Instagram in a big way. Obviously as Social Media Manager is one of the many hats I wear, I spend a LOT of time on various social networks but if I’m allowed a personal favourite, Instagram is defnitely up there.

Alongside managing varied Instagram accounts for South Coast Social clients I also maintain a personal Instagram account and two for the company itself. Here’s a little more about these three accounts and how I use them.


Clare Groombridge (click HERE to follow me)

This is my personal account, where I share images of my life, quotes I love, inspirations, things that make me smile and the odd picture of my lunch. Yes, I’ve turned into THAT person. Obviously, I’m selective about what I post – Instagram will always be a ‘curated version’ of that person or brand and it’s important to remember that when you see that ‘perfect’ celebrity or fitness guru.

However, the process of growing this account has helped me think creatively and to design my photos to have a stronger visual impact and I can see the progression of my imagery since I first started the account a few years ago alongside a (now defunct) beauty blog.


South Coast Social (click HERE to follow!)

This is the main company account for South Coast Social. On here we share company news that can be represented visually, images from Bournemouth and the surrounding area, social media and marketing tips, pictures from meetings we attend and other fun shots that represent us as a brand.

We’ve also just started to branch out into video content – Hyperlapse and Layout are fantastic apps if you’re looking to branch out and be more creative with your content.


South Coast Social Quotes (click HERE to follow!)

This page came about as an extension of the South Coast Social page – we were sharing more and more quotes on the main page and they were getting a great response so I thought it might be cool to do a quirky new page containing only quotes that expressed more of the digital nomad, entrepreneur ethos that the business was founded on.


Are you on Instagram? Do you use it for personal reasons or for business?

Leave me your Instagram handle in the comments below!


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