You Should Do What You Said…

I saw this over on Instagram the other day and I realised there was my next ‘Quotes and Inspiration’ post right there.


I juggle quite a lot of plates. I run South Coast Social, I’m a Mum and I have quite a few other side projects on the go (more about these coming soon!) which mean I often neglect the things from my personal life that I ‘keep meaning’ to do.

Friends I said I’d call, errands I said I’d do, plans I said I’d make, books I said I’d read… they often end up taking a back seat. And I need to remember to take time out and do these things, because otherwise I end the week still not really feeling like I’ve accomplished anything.

So, I’m going to do one thing for ME a week. I’ve made a list and I’m sticking to it.

Can anyone else identify with this? Do you put things off?


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