No Regrets

Quote for this week for me – a lesson in taking chances and having no regrets.

I’ve had a lot of opportunities come my way recently – both personal and business ones. Most are linked to my business however, including some things that would take me outside my comfort zone. I’m pretty sure most people would describe me as confident, especially when it’s doing something I’m passionate about. However, I can sometimes have a habit of sticking to what I know – not taking chances and playing it safe. This can include public speaking, awards, large networking events – essentially where I have to be ‘me’ and not hide behind the business!

My friend (and soon to be new business partner in my latest venture!) Hannah is my inspiration for this blog post. I’ve previously interviewed her for CG Interviews (read the post here) so you’ll know how bad ass she is. She juggles various businesses, motherhood (of 3!) and general life with determination and excels at getting herself out there. Her advice is usually “just do it!”.

So, I’ve taken a leaf out of her book and I’m taking more chances.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been nominated for a Venus Award, I’ve accepted two speaking opportunities on social media for business and I’m attending several networking events. I’ve stopped over evaluating and started saying ‘yes’.

I also want to set more personal goals – I want to read more (book lists to come!), travel more, learn more, spend more quality time with my daughter. I don’t want to have any regrets.

Have you ever regretted not taking a chance?


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