Not Another #Brexit post…

Not another #Brexit post? Well except it is, a bit. Except it’s not one about who’s right and who’s not.

quote, by a national financial newspaper, is EXACTLY the kind of inciendiary comment that’s been getting both sides of Brexit and everyone in between all kinds of riled up and finally stirred me into posting. Brace yourself, I’m going in……
“…The younger generation has lost the right to live and work in 27 other countries. We will never know the full extent of the lost opportunities, friendships, marriages, and experiences we will be denied. Freedom of movement was taken away by our parents, uncles, and grandparents in a parting blow to a generation that was already drowning in the debts of our predecessors.”

Here’s some facts, Nicholas.
For starters, there are 196 countries in the world. 195 if you include Taiwan (apparently not an official country? Who knew). We don’t KNOW how living and working will work yet – we’ve got two years to sort that out. And it’ll be tricky. And complicated. But onto that in a minute.

However – just my small point here – is if you look slightly further afield, there’s really quite a few options for our ‘younger generation’ should they wish to merely travel slightly further past the Channel Tunnel. Which isnt being bricked up, just FYI. Thomas The Tank Engine wont be subjected to a life of darkness, forced to forage on the odd croissant. And technically, being pedantic, you can’t miss something you never knew. However, let’s….
Blame the grandparents, cos them and ‘the uncles’ (never mind your mum and dad) are completely hell bent on our destruction.

Despite the fact many of them fought in a World War to, you know, defeat facism and all that, they’ve CLEARLY all changed their minds and all 17 million of them have put down their knitting and stormed out of the Rotary Club and Womens Insitute to singlehandedly destroy the hopes, dreams (oh, and ‘experiences’) of todays youth.
Because clearly, no-one under middle age voted to Leave. Except, well….. they did.

Unfortunately though, only 43% of eligible 18-24’s actually turned out to vote. The little FECKERS. Here’s us all getting all angry on the behalf of them and their future offspring when in actual fact, if 75% of that age group had actually bothered to vote then we would probably still be in the European Union.

So you see Nicholas, maybe that’s something to consider?

HOWEVER, whether (or probably not) pretty much all our grandparents, uncles and parents are completely and utterly misguided, ill informed and probably a little bit racist too, my point is this.
It’s happened.
There won’t be a second referendum. We’re a democracy and that’s, you know, how one of them works. You can’t just change the result because you don’t like it.


We are good and out. Outy McOutface.


SO. Once all the anger, shock and Winnie The Pooh memes have died down, what are we actually going to DO about it, Piglet? Because blame and resentment are gonna get us nowhere and probably divide us a little bit more.

Because what we actually have, erupting from the aftermath of Brexit like a Icelandic geiser (too soon?) is OPPORTUNITY. And I don’t mean even mean the ‘opportunities’ laid out by the Leave camp prior to the referendum or the lost hope of getting hitched to some Greek god as detailed by the lovely Nicholas above (I also think we can still make friends with our neigbouring countries. I’m pretty sure they’ll still even let us visit, if we’re nice).

I mean a different, new opportunity. I’m talking to my generation here, the 24 to 45 year olds (as let’s face it, the young ‘uns are far too lazy and the older generations are just a bunch of old facists (jokes).



However you voted, what we now have is a unique chance to form a new country. For better or worse, the influence of the electorate has never been demonstrated more resoundingly. From those pesky barons being rather forceful on poor old King John in 1215 to Guy Fawkes getting all worked up and pyrotechnic, we’ve been heading to this point for rather a long time.

We can enforce change. This time it probably wasn’t the change that many of us wanted. So Get Involved. Petition your MP. Become an MP! Do your research. Try and extract the facts, from legitimate sources. Think before you share derogatory or inflammatory posts (just awesome ones like this one). Educate your children – get them voting! Talk to your parents.


We’ve got two years to turn this ship around.

Over and out.



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