Sometimes, we all need some inspiration. Something to dream about.

I was in London recently with South Coast Social visiting the TFM Expo and after I’d geeked out on the latest marketing trends (yes, that is something I enjoy!) I went off to spend the evening fufilling my other passions in life – burgers, champagne, one of my best friends and a whistle stop tour around Harrods.

Where I saw The Dress.

Mikael D, you have done yourself proud.

Isn’t it stunning? And the shoes. My god, the shoes.

I don’t know how much it costs. And no, I didn’t buy it. Obviously, or I’d probably have also been landed with a fairly hefty divorce settlement on top. But I think it’s ALWAYS a positive thing to have a list of those things you’ll buy when you make it big – because after all for me that’s the definition of financial freedom – not looking at a price tag.

And this beauty is straight to the top of mine.


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