Thanks for visiting! I’m Clare – welcome to my personal blog. This is my small piece of the internet where I voice my opinions, share business news and viewpoints, interview some truly inspiring people, document my travel experiences and occasionally have the odd rant.

A little bit about me; my background has always been predominantly Sales and Marketing (with a stint as a flight attendant thrown in for good measure!) and my last permanent job position was as the Marketing Manager for a well known media company. Although I loved the busy, ever changing role and the challenges it brought, I always knew deep down I had an entrepreneurial sprit that was aching to come out – I wanted my own business and the chance to implement all the ideas and strategies I had in my head that I was positive I could make work. Also (and quite simply) – I knew I wanted to be my own boss!

That opportunity came in 2014 when on maternity leave to have my daughter. Alongside the sleepless nights and joy/heartache that comes hand in hand with a newborn, I also began to plan to put down in a firm plan everything I had been working towards for the last 10 years – I handed in my notice and South Coast Social launched.

South Coast Social - beach Three years on and the company is continuing to expand from strength to strength – the team is growing, we have a beautiful Bournemouth office and we have worked with some incredible businesses from startups through to huge global brands.

Some of the things I love the most include; coffee, listening to my daughter laugh, being by the sea, looking at the stars, writing, sunshine, learning new things, reading, red wine, geeking out on ancient greek history, spending time with my family and friends, a healthy dose of sarcasm, shoes, travel, cherry blossom, gratuitous use of Top Gun quotes, cocktails and cake.

I have been featured in major marketing / entrepreneurial publications and blogs, mostly talking about my passion for social media and digital marketing.

If you would like to get in touch, send me a message via the CONTACT page or through my social media channels (at the top of this page).

For more about South Coast Social please visit the website here.

Clare x